4-L-C of Individuals - introduction

4-L-C of Individuals  - introduction

Certification in project management is independent way how to recognize the competences of project management experts by Project Management Association of Slovakia based on IPMA (International Project Management Association , www.ipma.ch) standards. Detailed description of international standard and information about IPAM certification you can find in Ročenka IPMA 2010 (PDF dokument).

Amateur project management may cause due to its uniqueness and cost a lot of damage. It affects the Sponsor as well as his customers together with also state and municipalities. These damages may be limited if the projects are managed by real professionals - experts in project management.

Expert in project management (EPM) is the qualified person for the project management, proven in reliable manner. This reliable manner represents the certification of  experts in project management by Project Management Association of Slovakia (SPPR).

Certification according to IPMA is performed in Slovakia according to the valid  certification system called SC7. Detailed description of the certification system you can find in SC7 (PDF document).

The entire certification process ensures the Certifying Authority of SPPR - Slovak Project Management Institute (SIPR), grounded in the SPPR Statutes.

What are the benefits of certification?

For certified Expert in project management the certification will provide recognition of your professionalism in project management via Project Management Association of Slovakia. It completes your technical or business related qualification confirming that you are able to manage projects. Participation in certification process shall help you to deepen your self-confidence and allows you to improve from the experience from certification process.

For Employer the certification offers

  • Quality standard against which it is possible to compare demands  on project teams members during their recruitment, development and trainings
  • Marketing tool to present a professionalism of employees in the field of project management

Certification allows the customer to assess the competence of the project manager, who is responsible for his contract and his money. Certification allows verifying the fact that the person is recognized by professional authority as a qualified expert in project management.